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The strange tale of the Crack Fox.

I know what you're thinking, here comes Old Gregg, he's a scaley man fish...

Scu Poo
I rarely come across well when trying to aptly describe myself. Its safe to say that if i don't know you particularly well you will not be added to my friends list, the same goes if i know you but don't particularly want you reading my intimate thought as my more personal entries are friends only.

I run a latex clothing company called Hello Dolly Latex, i make nice things like this

i do this full time and it keeps me really rather busy, if you want to be kept up to date with the business this is not the place, please look at -


I also work in the nelson in town on weekends. if you really want to stalk me then you should visit http://www.myspace.com/wonderfulworldofsculestar

This is me circa november 2007

when i modelled i did it very well, unlike a few hundred i could mention....

And this little piggy...

is the thing i love most in the entire world. his name is otis cornelius doglump and i would be lost without him. i rescued him in june 2008 and it was the best thing i've ever done.

I used to have a n eBay store but am now on etsy


I do occasionally list samples on Ebay username pink_predator or keep an eye on niceboots on here.

1940's, 1950's, animals in costumes, art, art deco, ballet shoes, bargains, battlestar galactica, beehives, big boobs, big boots, bill bailey, black and white, bride of frankenstein, bunnys, burlesque, cinema, clothes, clubbing, corsets, costumes, cupcakes, curves, cycling, dancing, darkwave, david lynch, daydreaming, design, do-it-yourself, dogs, dolls, dragons, drawing, dreaming, dressing up, eyeliner, fake hair, fetish, films, flat tops, futurama, giant ostrich feather fans, golden showers, guys with ink, h.r giger, hair dye, hair extensions, happiness, harry potter, headcharge, heels, horror films, hot rods, independent designers, individualism, industrial, infest, invader zim, jay and silent bob, kevin smith movies, kitchens, latex, lingerie, long hair, lost, love, make-up, markets, metal, monsters, monty python, muppets, mutate, my friends, my name is earl, nightclubs, originality, parties, people watching, photography, piercings, pink hair, pink things, pinstripe, platform boots, pointe work, pole dancing, preaching to the perverted, psychobilly, psychology, puppies, re-creating clothes, reading, red dwarf, remembering mark, ren & stimpy, rob zombie, scars, sewing, sex, shoes, shopping, sideboards, singing, skulls, sleeping, snugglebumms, snuggles, staffordshire bull terriers, stars, stewie griffin, suspenders, swimming, tank girl, tattoos, tea, techno, the cramps, the godfather, the simpsons, trailer parks, trans ams, uniforms, vintage, walking, weights, wendyhouse, white zombie, yorkshire, zombies